Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Job Burnout ?

Found this interesting link off Slashdot:


It describes the syndrome know as 'Job Burnout' and the common signs of this.

From the article:

I feel tired even though I’ve gotten adequate sleep.
I am dissatisfied with my work.
I feel sad for no apparent reason.
I am forgetful.
I am irritable and snap at people.
I avoid people at work and in my private life.
I have trouble sleeping because of worrying about work.
I get sick a lot more than I used to.
My attitude about work is “why bother?”
I get into conflicts at work.
My job performance is not up to par.
I use alcohol and/or drugs to feel better.
Communicating with people is a strain.
I can’t concentrate on my work like I once could.
I am bored with my work.
I work hard but accomplish little.
I feel frustrated with my work.
I don’t like going to work.
Social activities are draining.
Sex is not worth the effort.
I watch television most of the time when not working.
I don’t have much to look forward to in my work.
I worry about work during off hours.
My feelings about work interfere with my personal life.
My work seems pointless.

Since I can identify with almost all of those statements I guess I'm suffering from it.
The problem I need to work out, is it the field/career I have chosen, or this specific company ?


Monday, September 26, 2005


What do you do when the water goes off in an Apartment Building ?

Apparently you're not supposed to scream like a girl and wake up the neighbours.

Well after debating whether to bother the landlord this late at night, I stepped outside for a smoke.
Straight into two police cars which had blocked off the road, and a bunch of men in fluro jackets standing around looking puzzled.

Much excitement and heavy machinery taking place outside.


The Joys of Monday

Another Monday gone.

I wonder how many Mondays you get in a lifetime, and whether every day in hell is Monday ?

It actually wasn't too bad as far as work goes.

Do Pedophiles have rights ?

*dictionary.com indicates it's pedo, but the Herald says paedo - NZ/US English differences ?

This story today in the NZ Herald raise some important issues:


In theory this person has served out their sentence as prescribed by our justice system, and hopefully has undergone some form of rehabilitation and been deemed fit to return to society.
Is it fair to then publicise this fact, and create a culture of fear and hatred in their community ?

If the police are worried about them re-offending and feel the need to warn parents in the area, why is this person at large in society anyway ?

Why do we target Pedophiles specially ?
Should we publicise the names of convicted murderers and rapists and warn citizens when they are released ?

If we're going to treat these released criminals like that, it might be better to give them a life sentence with no parole to begin with.
Rather than pretending that they can resume their 'normal' lives.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Our tax dollars at work ...

Heres a link to an article published today in the Herald about a new book on Maori Health:


Some choice quotes from the book:

Maori enjoy life. Maori like to smoke. Maori like to eat. Maori like to drink. Maori enjoy sex. Maori like to talk. Maori like to gamble and take risks. And Maori like to fight, on and off the sports field...

If Maori enjoy it, the Crown is against it. If Maori have it and want it, the Crown tries to take it away. We support the choice of the overwhelming majority of our community to smoke. It is one way that Maori can say 'Stuff you' to the health Nazis and have a good time.

Is this satire or lunacy ?
It was published by a Maori Health Provider which is tax payer funded - what a waste of money!

Here's another quote from the book:

The health system sees diabetes as a consequence of Maori being fat and lazy and not having enough willpower to do what they need to do.
We are critical of the house niggers who preach this Pakeha message to Maori.

Found the details of the book:


Title: Maori Health

Author: Peter Caccioppoli & Rhys Cullen
Published by: Kotahitanga Community Trust

I ordered a copy from: booksnz.com
Should be an interesting read!


New Blogger Syndrome

The compulsive urge to update the internet reading public with your daily bowel movements!

But no - if you do stumble across this tangled web of leftover writers block, please consider clicking on the ad banner at the top of the blog.
And thank you Google for providing this free service (we love ya big guy!)

I had an interesting encouter with an online gambling site recently.
After checking the various laws here in New Zealand, it appears it is not illegal to engage in online gambling - so long as the website is hosted overseas.
We have some pretty strict laws regarding the promotion and running of gambling, and this is different from what I thought earlier.
So I signed up, and lost some money (around NZ$100).

I forgot all about the site, and went on my merry way, until I checked my credit card statement yesterday.
It appears that all of the payments I made to that site have been refunded to my credit card.
I then tried to log back into my account on the site and found it had been locked and was 'under investigation'.

Cool I thought ! Gambling with no risk!

I got curious tho, and emailed the site, asking for more information.
Apparently it has been referred to their 'Risk Analysis Team' and they will be in contact via email.
I've also asked my bank to look into who reversed the CC payments (the site, or the bank at the other end)

Should be interesting, although I have visions of a casino goon squad kicking in my door and demanding payment.

I don't think theres much they could do to try and get the money (this is assuming it wasn't the site that reversed the payment) - I wonder what overseas companies can do in terms of using our credit rating and debt collection systems ?

Should be amusing at any rate.


Dance Fever

Why does it always rain on me ?

Well, it dosen't, not literally - but still.
The New Zealand Election has been and gone, but still lingers like some uninvited guest at a party.

At least we're not as badly off as our friends the Germans, who gave us MMP then proceeded to show the world how it could turn a country on it's ass.

I lean towards Labour, mostly because I feel like a caring sharing kinda guy.
I'd happily pay more tax if it meant that our health, education and justice systems were sorted out - unfortunately there seems to be so much waste and excess.