Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year approaches

Here comes the new year ...

What to say other than "meh".
The big news of course was the VodaHug merger, and little seems to have immediately come out of that.
ISPs have suffered from UBS outages, SPAM and poor customer service.

Dr Freeth's comments regarding the state of TelstraClear were amusing for non-employees.
That is one company that may have a tough 2007, and really needs to make big changes in it's marketing and 'image' if it wants to compete.

The trend towards then end of 2006 seemed to be consildation and avoiding unnecessary expense.
Customer Service is going to be huge, and for most players will be the only differential.
If I ran a small/medium sized ISP I would focus on network stablity and Customer Service to the exclusion (dare I say it) of Marketing, Advertising, and new projects.

Orcon made another 'we're not affected' press release, which makes me question why they are a part of ISPANZ at all.
It seems they want to hedge their bets, and they remind me of the kid who befriends the bully, and then stands back while their classmates get thumped.

Nintendo Wii is cool, and should be purchased by all.
Looks far more amusing than the XBox 360 and or the PS3, and much drunken fun can be had.