Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Blogger Syndrome

The compulsive urge to update the internet reading public with your daily bowel movements!

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I had an interesting encouter with an online gambling site recently.
After checking the various laws here in New Zealand, it appears it is not illegal to engage in online gambling - so long as the website is hosted overseas.
We have some pretty strict laws regarding the promotion and running of gambling, and this is different from what I thought earlier.
So I signed up, and lost some money (around NZ$100).

I forgot all about the site, and went on my merry way, until I checked my credit card statement yesterday.
It appears that all of the payments I made to that site have been refunded to my credit card.
I then tried to log back into my account on the site and found it had been locked and was 'under investigation'.

Cool I thought ! Gambling with no risk!

I got curious tho, and emailed the site, asking for more information.
Apparently it has been referred to their 'Risk Analysis Team' and they will be in contact via email.
I've also asked my bank to look into who reversed the CC payments (the site, or the bank at the other end)

Should be interesting, although I have visions of a casino goon squad kicking in my door and demanding payment.

I don't think theres much they could do to try and get the money (this is assuming it wasn't the site that reversed the payment) - I wonder what overseas companies can do in terms of using our credit rating and debt collection systems ?

Should be amusing at any rate.



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