Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Toot Toot!

Crazy few months it has been indeed.

The launch of 3.5Mbps UBS has gone as predicted, and created much wailing and nashing of teeth for the helpdesk workers.

But - fantastic news from the New Zealand Government regarding "Unbundling the Local Loop".
Totally unexpected, and something well worth celebrating.

Some predictions then in the next 2-3 years:

- Woosh will either cease to exist, or be brought by another provider and "merged"

- Telecom will chill out and voluntarily split their retail and wholesale operations

- Lots of little ISPs will go under - will anyone notice ?

- Customers will continue to be cnuts and want faster, cheaper, unlimited broadband so they can download their child porn, and sailor moon episodes

- Customer expectation of what constitutes faster cheaper broadband will be at least 100Mbps with a 500GB cap.
There will be many posts in various forums (mostly game related) explaining why it is a ripoff they should have to pay at all for their service, and the ISPs should be paying them!

- Free Internet Access will come back (lol)

- Net4u's liquidation will finally finish.

- Alternative Futures will get struck off the Companies Register (I mean WTF?)

Robots, and sharks with lasers!



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