Sunday, September 25, 2005

Our tax dollars at work ...

Heres a link to an article published today in the Herald about a new book on Maori Health:

Some choice quotes from the book:

Maori enjoy life. Maori like to smoke. Maori like to eat. Maori like to drink. Maori enjoy sex. Maori like to talk. Maori like to gamble and take risks. And Maori like to fight, on and off the sports field...

If Maori enjoy it, the Crown is against it. If Maori have it and want it, the Crown tries to take it away. We support the choice of the overwhelming majority of our community to smoke. It is one way that Maori can say 'Stuff you' to the health Nazis and have a good time.

Is this satire or lunacy ?
It was published by a Maori Health Provider which is tax payer funded - what a waste of money!

Here's another quote from the book:

The health system sees diabetes as a consequence of Maori being fat and lazy and not having enough willpower to do what they need to do.
We are critical of the house niggers who preach this Pakeha message to Maori.

Found the details of the book:


Title: Maori Health

Author: Peter Caccioppoli & Rhys Cullen
Published by: Kotahitanga Community Trust

I ordered a copy from:
Should be an interesting read!



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