Monday, February 13, 2006

Customers Rant Gone Wrong?

I came across this thread on a forum I frequent:

One of the forum members received 'perceived' poor service from a helpdesk worker and posted about it.
The nature of the forum is such that many people in the industry read it, and at some stage the thread was forwarded onto the helpdesk worker concerned.
He emailed the admin of the site asking for the thread to be taken down, but unfortunately added the age-old "legal action" threat at the end of his email.

While it's natural for people to complain about the service they receive from various companies, and online forums are one place to do this - I would always be hesitant in naming a person on a forum (even by their first name) which I think is unnecessary.
Sure this helpdesk guy may have made a mistake in troubleshooting or diagnosing the issue, and yes maybe some serious re-training is needed.
The onus of that should be born by his manager and the department he works in, it should be up to them to identify the training needs of staff and develop them as necessary.

The poster of the thread should simply have contacted the company concerned and passed on his feedback, rather than making a big chest puffing thread about it.

In all I feel sorry for the guy that was named, and would be upset if one of my staff were ridiculed like that on a popular online forum.



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